In A Nutshell

Bachelor Program:
Business Administration B.A.
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
Program structure:
7 semester fulltime (incl. required internship semester), 210 ECTS
Program start:
winter semester (October 1)
general matriculation standard, subject-specific matriculation standard or technical college certificate; no admission restrictions (NC)
accredited by Acquin
Instruction language:
German (level C1 required)
May 02 - July 15 - extended until September 30


The requirements in business are becoming more and more complex and demanding. With a degree in business administration from Coburg University, our students will be prepared in the best possible way for the challenges and increasing expectations in business management. The program includes wide-ranging training in basic business administration subjects with a moderate specialization by the end of the program.

There are three variants of the Bachelor's program in business administration:

  • full-time
  • combined (parallel to an apprenticeship)
  • part-time professional program (parallel to a job)

Small groups

One great benefit of studying business administration at Coburg University is the individual attention given to students working in small study groups. This enables students to be challenged and supported based on their individual knowledge and skills (e.g. with case studies, business simulations, work with current business administration software such as SAP R/3).

Practical Training

It is important to us to increase the social, communication, and networking skills of our students. To this end, we use application-oriented projects. Renowned guest instructors from the world of business, joint projects with businesses, and the practice-oriented thesis ensure extensive contacts with regional and trans-regional businesses.

Required internship semester

The required internship takes place in the fifth semester of the program. The practical phase lasts 19 weeks. In addition, students will visit educational events to accompany their practical training. Students can also complete their internship abroad. The International Office of Coburg University can provide more information about this.

Structure of the Program

The first program segment covers four theoretical semesters. They convey fundamental knowledge in business administration and economics. They include:

  • Foundations of economics (e.g. general business administration)
  • Preparatory instruction in business and economics (e.g. business English)
  • Functional and methodological specialization subjects (e.g. human resources management, accounting)

In addition, there is a selection of various soft skill modules in the first program segment, e.g. studies and career planning. This is supposed to allow students to tailor their studies towards the professional fields they are interested in early on. They can choose from additional electives to round off their studies according to their own interests.

In the second program segment (sixth and seventh semester), the focus lies on deepening economics and methodological know-how, e.g. through modules, such as strategy and management, and the numerous special focus modules from the following areas of specialization:

  • Marketing and sales
  • Personnel and organization
  • Accounting, controlling, taxes, and finances
  • Management in the health care field
  • Business IT

In addition, the curriculum includes a wide selection of electives to cover special interests, e.g. languages, work technologies, culture, and communication.

Curriculum and Examination Regulations

The [module plan]* provides an overview of the structure of the program. The [module manual] provides information about the content of the individual modules. The [study and examination regulations]* form the legal basis for the study program. Contact your academic advisor Prof. Dr. Thomas Schauerte concerning the content of the program.

*only available in german at the moment

Job Perspectives

Our graduates have a solid foundation in business administration know-how that they expand through the individual selection of an area of specialization. Thus, they qualify for specialist and management positions in industry, consulting, trade, and at service providers as well as in non-profit organizations, such as associations and hospitals.

Master's degree

After completing their degree, students of Coburg University have the possibility of continuing their studies with a suitable Master's program. The university offers the Master's program in "Business Administration M.A." which connects directly with the Bachelor’s program. However, it is also possible to further qualify in the international Master's program for "Financial Management".

Application and Admission Requirements

Here you can find all the important information about evaluating your school-leaving certificates and learning German in order to start a bachelor program at the University of Coburg.

Since the program is taught in German, you also have to prove your knowledge in German before the start of studies (level C1/C2).

Further and current informations can also be found on the German website of this course.