semester ticket

Free travel by bus and train

If you study in Coburg, you can use your student ID as a ticket on certain public transport. 

It applies to the following routes:

  • SÜC City Traffic
    alle lines (except shared taxi)
  • Omnibusverkehr Franken OVF:
    The semester ticket is only valid on these lines within the Coburg district!
    Line 8301: Coburg – Seßlach
    Line 8306: Coburg – Mitwitz
    Line 8307: Sonnefeld - Coburg
    Line 8308: Sonnefeld – Neustadt b. Coburg
    Line 8309: Weidhausen – Neustadt b. Coburg
    Line 8310: Rödental - Neustadt b. Coburg
    Line 8312: Coburg – Sonneberg
    Line 8315: Coburg – Bad Rodach
    Line 8318: Coburg – Lautertal
    Line 8319: Coburg – Itzgrund
  • Deutsche Bahn
    Sonneberg – Bamberg
    Kronach - Lichtenfels

    Attention: The use of Deutsche Bahn trains is only permitted in local transport (Franken-Thüringen-Express). If you want to take the ICE or other long-distance trains, you have to buy a DB tariff ticket.
  • Agilis
    Coburg - Bad Rodach
    Coburg - Lichtenfels

    Attention: The use of the agilis trains in internal traffic between Lichtenfels and Schney is not permitted with the semester ticket. A VGN tariff ticket must be purchased here.


The semester ticket is included in the semester fee.