You can gain valuable experience with an internship before or during your studies. The internship before you start your studies (preliminary or basic internship) helps you find the right course. Because here you learn what the work in the respective specialist area is all about and you can check your own ideas about the professional field against reality.

Internships during your studies help you apply and consolidate what you have learned. This often leads to indications as to which further priorities one would like to set in the course.

Basic internship

Some courses at the Coburg University require a so-called basic internship. You can find information on whether the course you have chosen includes a basic internship on the course page. The duration of the basic internship is usually 12 to 14 weeks. Ideally, it should be completed before starting your studies. However, there is also the option of doing the basic internship during the lecture-free period up to the fourth semester.

Internship abroad

Both the compulsory internship and voluntary internships can be completed abroad. There are a number of funding programs that support practical study abroad. Further information is available at the International Office of the Coburg University.

Compulsory internship

All courses at the Coburg University of Applied Sciences include an internship semester. The duration of the practical semester varies between 18 and 26 weeks depending on the course. It is usually to be completed in the fourth or fifth semester. You can find information on the exact duration and timing of the course under the respective courses. The Coburg University of Applied Sciences' job exchange has numerous offers from companies for the practical semester.

Voluntary internship

Independent of the mandatory internship, all students are free to do additional voluntary internships. They offer the opportunity to “get a taste” of different companies and subject areas of your own degree program. As a rule, the voluntary internships last two to three months and take place during the lecture-free period. The Coburg University job exchange offers a number of offers here too.