Examination achievements

The bachelor's and master's programs lead to internationally recognized academic degrees. In order to achieve a bachelor's or master's degree, examinations are required. Every module that has to be completed during the course ends with an examination. Right from the start, all examinations are included in the final grade with a fixed weighting. The legal basis for the modules to be completed and the type of examinations is the SPO study and examination regulations of the respective degree program, which are valid at the start of the study.

Types of exams

Depending on the course and module, there are different types of exams. The most important are:

  • Written exam
  • Seminar paper
  • presentation
  • Scientific report
  • Oral exam

In the design-oriented courses, the following are also common:

  • Examination papers
  • Portfolio
  • Written project report
  • Written implementation documentation

bachelor thesis

The bachelor thesis is the final thesis of the degree. With it, the students prove that they can work independently scientifically. As a rule, students have four months to complete their bachelor thesis.

Exam Organization

The exams are organized centrally at the Coburg University of Applied Sciences. Students must register online for the exams they want to take in the student portal.

There are clearly regulated registration deadlines, which are set by the university's examination board and announced by e-mail at the beginning of the semester. These dates are deadlines. I.e. only those who register for the exams within these deadlines can take part in them.