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Executive Board

At the head of the Coburg University is the Executive Board, which is responsible for managing and developing the university. It consists of the president, three vice presidents and the head of administration.

Vice President for Transfer, Sustainibility and Public Relations

Vice President of Education and Diversity

Vice President for Research

Head of Administration

T. +49 (0)9561 317-140
F. +49 (0)9561 317-109
Room 12-007

University Council

The University Council is the main supervisory body of Coburg University. It has 20 voting members made up of 10 external members and the 10 elected members of the Senate. The chair of the Board of Trustees is held by one of the external members. The external members of the University Council are prominent figures in the fields of science, culture, business and politics.


The Senate consists of elected representatives of the professors, the academic staff, the administrative staff and the student body, as well as a women's affairs officer. It is responsible for passing the university's legal resolutions.

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustee supports the interests of the university in the public and promotes the fulfillment of tasks by the university. Members of the Board of Trustee are representatives of the regional economy and public life in the region.

Extended Executive Board

The deans of all academic departments as well as the director of the Academic Center for Sciences and Humanities are members of the Extended Executive Board. This board advises and supports the Executive Board, prepares the development plan and submits it to the University Council for approval.