Business Administration (part-time)

In A Nutshell

Bachelor Program:
Business Administration B.A.
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
Program form:
part-time professional programm or module program
Program structure:
depending on pre-qualification, 6 to 9 semesters
Program start:
winter semester (October 1)
general matriculation standard, subject-specific matriculation standard or technical college certificate; special professional qualification, e.g. mastership certificate
Tuition Fees:
6.000 to 9.000 Euro total; (for module program: 550 Euros per module) plus semester fee of the student union
accredited by FIBAA
Instruction language:
German (level C1 required)
all year (program starts in the next respective winter semester)

Part-Time Studies

The part-time professional Bachelor’s program in business administration allows professionals to complete an academic program with the internationally recognized "Bachelor of Arts B.A." degree while working. Due to the cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Coburg, they can additionally acquire the degree of “Certified Business Manager IHK".

The program is directed at ambitious people with above-average commitment who would like to acquire additional qualifications. Qualifications that students have acquired while working can partly be counted towards the program. Students who work while studying are not required to complete the required internship semester, which is standard for universities of applied sciences.

Module program

Students can also take individual modules from the academic program. When students pass the module test, they automatically receive the corresponding number of credits. They are recognized as partial qualification if they decide to become full-time students later on. The module program thus allows people to begin studies gradually or to continue their studies gradually by collecting credits.

Program organization

The organization and schedule of the program are tailored to the needs of students who work full-time. The courses take place on five Saturdays in the semester and during one block week.

Curriculum and Examination Regulations

The program imparts well-founded business administration knowledge. This includes in particular:

  • Fundamental principles of business administration and economics
  • Business-relevant principles in mathematics, statistics, and law
  • Business-related methodology subjects, such as acquisition, production, procurement, human resources, finance, and accounting
  • Transfer-oriented methods such as presentation technologies, moderation, and project management
  • Core curriculum subjects
  • Guest lectures by experts from the business world

The [study and examination regulations]* form the legal basis for the study program. The  [module manual]* provides information about the content of the individual modules. Contact your academic advisor Prof. Dr. Felix Weispfenning concerning the contect of the program.

*only available in german at the moment

Costs and Financing

Coburg University is obligated by Art. 71, Para. 8 of the Bavarian University Act (BayHSchG) to charge a cost-covering fee for part-time professional programs. For the part-time professional Bachelor in Business Administration, it amounts to between 6,000 and 9,000 Euros depending on how much prior knowledge can be credited. Students take courses at Coburg University and the Virtual University of Bavaria (VHB).

Fees may also arise if students take creditable courses at other educational institutions instead.

The tuition fees include the costs for course documents and electronic platforms. In addition, there is the current student union fee each semester (including semester ticket).

Expenses for continuing education can be deducted from taxes. As cooperative program between the university and companies, the tuition fees may be partly or completely carried by the company. Our Career Service provides information about additional possibilities for education financing and scholarships.

You can find more general information (in German) about the part-time professional program here:

Job Perspectives

The academic program is a cooperative venture of businesses in the region and Coburg University. Specially qualified employees have the opportunity to study while working. Businesses do this to meet the increasing requirements for qualified personnel and managers. But prospective students who want to study independently from their work can also take advantage of this opportunity to acquire advanced qualifications.

Master's degree

After completing their degree, Coburg University students have the opportunity to continue their studies with a suitable Master's program. For this purpose, the university offers the continuing and part-time professional MBA. However, it is also possible to complete the MBA or to obtain further qualifications in the international Master's program for Financial Management.

Application and Admission Requirements

The following may apply:

  • Prospective students with the general matriculation standard, subject-specific matriculation standard or technical college certificate
  • Professionally qualified persons who have completed two-year vocational training and have at least three years of subject-specific professional experience
  • Professionals with special qualifications, e.g. master craftsman examination

You can find general information on the application procedure and admission here.

Since the program is taught in German, you also have to prove your knowledge in German before the start of studies (level C1/C2).

Further and current informations can also be found on the German website of this course.