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Architecture and Design - Master

Design M.A.

Further information: Design M.A.

The master’s program in Design is aimed at interior designers, product designers and architects with a good bachelor degree who wish to complete their academic training. This program offers two areas of specialization:

  • Integrated Design Processes
  • Interior Architecture & Architectural Design

In this program students are given more support, and they gain more practical experience and prospects for the beginning of their career. They focus on a project that they select and carry out intensively over three semesters – closely supervised by a personal mentor. In addition to this individual coaching, they attend numerous courses with a wide range of content.

The Coburg Design program is known for its close cooperation with the field and its multidisciplinary orientation. When students develop new products or facilities, they intensively explore the technical, economic, environmental, and social and psychological factors that determine and influence their own master project. This interdisciplinary process results in completely new design solutions. The numerous prizes that Coburg graduates have received in recent years confirm the training concept.

Digital Technologies in Heritage Conservation M.Sc.

Further information: Digital Technologies in Heritage Conservation M.Sc.

Nowadays, building conservation, museum sciences, and cultural heritage protection use innovative methods of digitalization. The digital representation of buildings and objects has become standard in heritage sciences: both in terms of the foundational research in accordance with heritage requirements and the permanent monitoring of a building’s condition with intelligent sensor systems. The Master’s program in Digital Technologies in Heritage Conservation (unique in Germany) offers you an overview of the possibilities created by current technology. You can expand your knowledge in the use of such technologies and will be trained to work at the interface of heritage sciences and technology. The academic program in ‘digital technologies in heritage conservation’ is offered in cooperation with Bamberg University.

Heritage Sciences M.A.

Further information: Heritage Sciences M.A.

The interdisciplinary academic program for the Master’s degree in “heritage sciences / heritage conservation" (120 ECTS) conveys deep practical knowledge in the different heritage science professions.

The four semesters of the academic program lead to a second professional qualification. In addition to teaching technical knowledge, the program also focuses on specific techniques for scientific work and interdisciplinary cooperation, organizational skills, and confident argumentation.

Sustainable Planning and Design M.Eng.

Further information: Sustainable Planning and Design M.Eng.

Energy, raw materials and land are becoming increasingly scarce in Europe and worldwide. This confronts civil engineers with new challenges. The master’s program provides civil engineers with a bachelor degree or graduates in related fields the opportunity to address the efficient use of raw materials and energy during the design, construction, operation and dismantling of buildings and infrastructure, as well as during their renovation. Simultaneously, their existing expertise in specialized areas is deepened.

The master’s program at Coburg University is characterized by a high practical orientation and strong contacts to the field. In the master's thesis, students examine practical issues in cooperation with partners from the construction industry, from governmental agencies or consultants. They also have the opportunity to work on interesting scientific question with research institutions.