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Architecture and Design - Bachelor

Architecture B.A.

Further information: Architecture B.A.

This bachelor’s program in Architecture lasts eight semesters. Students hone their skills in design and construction. They learn how to deal with complex planning requirements and to work in teams. Based on scientific principles and knowledge of the historical architectural contexts, students examine the individual’s basic needs. The aesthetic design of buildings plays an equally important role as their functional, technical and economic planning.

The study focuses on:

  • new and existing buildings
  • renovation and preservation
  • energy efficient and ecological building
  • accessible and inter-generational building

Civil Engineering B.Eng.

Further information: General Civil Engineering B.Eng.

The program equips prospective civil engineers with a comprehensive knowledge base in all disciplines. Students may also acquire in-depth knowledge in one of the areas of specialization: Structural Engineering or Infrastructure Planning. They are confronted with real-world problems and become familiar with the design, planning and construction processes. They learn about the economic and social contexts of the profession and gain experience with the international aspects of the construction industry.

Energy Efficient Building Design B.Eng.

Further information: Energy Efficient Building Design B.Eng.

Only by considering the entire "life cycle" of a building – from planning, construction and operation to demolition and disposal of materials – is the ecological and economical use possible. The planning as well as the renovation of buildings is based to a large extent on a well-founded consideration of both physical and technical aspects regarding thermal and acoustic insulation, ventilation, passive and active solar energy utilization as well as the technical equipment. Today’s energy-efficient building design not only determines the architecture and structural engineering, but the building concept as well. The specialization in Energy Efficient Building Design in the General Civil Engineering program is therefore pioneering in its way. It complements the classical programs of study Civil Engineering and Architecture with the modern expertise in sustainable and energy-efficient construction.


Integrated Product Design B.A.

Further information: Integrated Product Design B.A.

To integrate is to combine. This program combines creative subjects with many other disciplines. The areas of business, technology, ecology and social issues belong to this diversity. From a church pew to a high-tech bicycle, from running shoes to musical instruments – the work of the students is extremely varied. Everyone brings and contributes his or her personal interests. Talents are supported individually. We have developed training standards, which all students must follow.  They are geared to the requirements of the labor market and provide students an optimal preparation for their careers. The binding principles of these training standards guarantee the high level of Coburg graduates, and many design studios and creative departments in the field have come to recognize this.

Interior Design and Interior Architecture B.A.

Further information: Interior Design and Interior Architecture B.A.

Space is more than the four walls in which we live. Space is light, secret, material; space influences movement; space tells stories; space is a promise and its fulfillment simultaneously; Space has many functions in our lives. The program in Interior Design and Interior Architecture is varied: the design and construction of stage sets, trade fairs, exhibitions, installations, events, and lighting are ever-growing areas of emphasis in addition to classic focuses such as shops or restaurants.

Projects play an important role in this program. From their first day with us, our students participate in and learn from projects. They immediately apply the basic design and technical theories they are leaning in the topics of space, object and installation.