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Business Administration - Bachelor

Business Administration B.A.

Further information: Business Administration B.A.

Our students learn everything they need to know in order to solve business and technical management problems. We enable them to independently apply their knowledge of business. The broad basic education and the specialization in the second stage of the program ensure that our graduates are qualified for many different areas of responsibility.

Business Administration (part-time) B.A.

Further information: Business Administration (part-time) B.A.

This part-time bachelor’s program in business administration allows professionals to complete the internationally-recognized degree "Bachelor of Arts B.A." while working. The program is organized to coordinate with the time commitments of working students.
The program is aimed at determined and highly committed individuals who want to obtain further qualifications. Students who are working while studying are not required to complete the internship which is commonly required at a University of Applied Sciences.

Industrial Management B.A.

Further information: Industrial Management B.A.

The program in Industrial Management combines the classic business administration program with theoretical and practical elements of the natural sciences and technology. In the first four semesters students gain comprehensive insight into business and expand their knowledge in mathematics and basic science and technical subjects.

Insurance Management B.A.

Further information: Insurance B.A.

Well-informed and motivated employees who can understand and serve the needs of customers are key to the success of insurance companies. The requirements for these employees continue to rise as the target group changes its demands and ways of collecting information. New forms of sales and marketing and a higher number of competitors also contribute to changes in the services sector. With this program, Coburg University wants to prepare future employees appropriately for their tasks in the insurance industry. The students learn how to work across all administrative divisions in a solution-oriented manner.