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Academic Center for Sciences and Humanities


The Academic Center for Sciences and Humanities is a central academic and scientific institution of Coburg University. It focuses on current societal discourse, is interdisciplinary and closely related to the scientific interests and projects of Coburg University and its academic departments. The Academic Center for Sciences and Humanities is active in academic, scientific and cultural tasks of an interdisciplinary nature.

Its fields of activity include

  • the selection and organization of Studium Generale courses (general interdisciplinary elective courses),
  • instruction and guidance in preliminary academic and scientific work,
  • foreign language instruction,
  • public lectures and discussions, workshops and conferences, and
  • cultural events

The offerings of the Academic Center for Sciences and Culture serve the students, the faculty and the staff of Coburg University as well as the public. They provide participants an opportunity to expand their knowledge, to discuss new issues, and to reflect on their own position.

Language Center

The Language Center prepares students for the challenges of internalization with a varied offering of courses in English, Spanish and French. When requested, courses in additional foreign languages are offered.

Academic Staff

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