Studium Generale

Studium Generale - What's this?

The Studium Generale at Coburg University offers teaching and cultural offers that promote lateral thinking, interdisciplinary learning and teamwork that go beyond in-depth specialist knowledge and specifically support the personality development of our students. The offers are bundled in the science and culture center. The courses, seminars and lectures are open to all students.

Extract from program

Language courses

  • Englisch from GER B1 to GER C1
  • Spanish from GER A1 to B2
  • French from GER A1 to B2

The language courses are offered by the language center of Coburg University.

Interdisciplinary offers

  • science and technology
  • culture and communication
  • responsibility and society
  • work techniques
  • projects and student initiatives

You will get an overview of the courses offered by the Studium Generale if you log into the student portal my campus after enrolling at Coburg University.

Virtual University of Bavaria

Web design, e-publishing, introduction to medicine, Russian, Swedish, Italian and much more ... This is what the Virtual University of Bavaria (vhb) offers. All of the vhb's online courses are available to students at Coburg University free of charge - even during the practical semester. The vhb is an association of Bavarian universities. The online courses come from lecturers from all Bavarian universities and colleges. This also includes numerous English-language offers.

The vhb also offers open courses at university level at that are available to everyone, regardless of whether they are students.

Recognition of achievements

The examination committee of the respective degree program decides on the recognition of study achievements that are provided within the framework of the Studium Generale and the Virtual University of Bavaria.