Research Profile

Applied Research

As a University of Applied Sciences, Coburg University focuses on application-oriented research. We aim to use the results of our research to solve concrete, practical issues. The application-oriented research contributes significantly to the creation of technical, economic, social, and societal innovations.

Research Activities

Revenue from third-party funds of Coburg University have risen steadily in recent years. In 2015 our third-party funds totaled 5.96 million euros. All academic departments of the university take part in projects funded by such revenue.  These projects range from collaborations with companies as part of a master's thesis to large research projects with more than a dozen partners.

Our Priorities

Coburg University is featured with three areas of research on the research map of the German Rectors‘ Conference:

Additional areas of research include:

The university has renowned authorities in these fields, who contribute their expertise in regional and national research projects.

Automotive Industrial Engineering

In the field of "Automotive Industrial Engineering" our research centers on:

  • interaction of different fuels with motors of different ages and design
  • optimization of energy management of hybrid powertrains
  • development of reliable software features for powertrains and chassis in automobiles
  • mechatronic motion systems in motor vehicles
  • innovation and process management in the automotive sector

Health Promotion

The focus of the research is health promotion and primary prevention. The researchers are involved in projects which aim to promote and support the health, the quality of life, the efficiency as well as the mobility and autonomy of people.

We are currently working on the following research areas:

  • health promotion through institutional development
  • promoting health literacy
  • planning and evaluating regional health promotion (Integrated Social Planning)
  • demographics and technology - quality of life of the elderly
  • partnership quality and stability in old age – circumstances and needs of older people
  • social therapeutic approaches, psychosocial diagnosis, counseling and treatment of "hard-to-reach" clients

Measurement and Sensor Technology

Measuring instruments and sensors are essential in modern technology. They are found in automotive technology, in bioanalytics and in high-voltage engineering, and our areas of research are correspondingly diverse. For example:

  • innovative sensor concepts and applications
  • surface acoustic wave (SAW) sensors and actuators
  • touch-sensitive surfaces
  • high voltage sensors
  • bioanalysis using micro and molecular biology
  • mobile monitoring
  • wireless energy-efficient transmission of sensor measuring values

Engineering Sciences

The research projects focuses on robotics, software engineering, and data security, among others.

Humanities and Social Sciences

Architecture and Design

The research projects in the field of architecture include innovative materials, new methods of construction, sustainable construction, modern infrastructure projects and the use of sensors to monitor the substance of buildings.

Research areas in the field of design consist of, among others, innovation by experiment, modern prototyping, and 3-D printing.

Natural Sciences

At the center of research in the natural sciences are projects on environmental microbiology, bioanalysis and food biotechnology.