• 1814 Friedrich Streib founds a private school for “civil architecture”
  • 1852 Ducal School of Architecture
  • 1920 State Architecture School (1920 Coburg became a part of Bavaria)
  • 1959 State Polytechnic Coburg
  • 1971 State University of Applied Sciences
  • 1999 creation of the Campus Design in the Hofbrauhaus (previously the ducal brewery)
  • as of 2007 Coburg University of Applied Sciences

Ducal School of Architecture

Friedrich Streib, founder

The origins of Coburg University are a private school for “civil architecture”, which was founded in Coburg in 1814 by the ducal architect, Friedrich Streib (1781-1852). The purpose of the school was to prepare the builders of that time for the title of “Meister” (master craftsman).

After the death of Friedrich Streib the school continued as the Ducal School of Architecture. After Coburg became part of the Free State of Bavaria in 1920, the name was changed to "State Architecture School ". After the Second World War, the school continued with 193 students as Bavaria’s first State School of Architecture.

State Polytechnic Coburg

In 1959 the era of a school for only architecture came to an end. The fields of mechanical engineering and electrical engineering were added to create the State Polytechnic Coburg.  The campus on Friedrich-Streib Street was opened, and it has continued to grow till the present day.

In 1952 students bricked up the entrance to the old State Architecture School because the future of the institution was uncertain.
The new building on Friedrich-Streib Street was opened in 1960.

The University of Applied Sciences

When Bavaria developed the Universities of Applied Sciences in 1971, the State Polytechnic Coburg became the Coburg University of Applied Sciences. At that time, there were only seven other Universities of Applied Sciences in Bavaria: in Munich, Nuremberg, Augsburg, Regensburg, Würzburg, Rosenheim and Weihenstephan. The range of subjects in Coburg was expanded to include the fields business and social work.

Design Coburg

With the new interior design program, 1975 marked the beginning of what has come to be known as Design Coburg. Later the program in product design was added. In 1999 a second campus was built on the site of the former ducal brewery: Campus Design. Today this campus houses the programs for architecture, civil engineering, interior design and product design.

Throughout Germany, Coburg is known for design.
Once a year the Design Days and the designcampus_open are held.

The Future

Coburg University has grown significantly over the last ten years. The number of students has doubled. By 2021 the Free State of Bavaria plans to invest a total of € 65 million in the expansion of the main campus on Friedrich-Streib-Street.

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