Young Academics

Promotion of young academic talents at Coburg University

Support for Young Academics

The promotion of young academics at the Coburg University of Applied Sciences encompasses all phases and areas of doctoral studies. Doctoral candidates can find support in the form of individual advice, for example on scholarships, the synopsis, publications or supervision. 

Interdisciplinary doctoral seminar

In the interdisciplinary doctoral seminar, experts from science, business and society give lectures on current topics and exchange ideas with the doctoral students. The aim is to offer Ph.D. candidates a platform for interdisciplinary discussion. They can place their research results in the social context and gain new knowledge through discussions with colleagues from other scientific areas.

Mentoring program for young academics

In this mentoring program, doctoral students are prepared for their professional life by experienced mentors. Accompanied by trainings, networking events and coaching on individual development.

During the mentoring process, the doctoral candidates will:

  • develop professional strategies
  • become aware of their professional goals and skills
  • reciprocally encourage each other

As an instrument of effective personnel development in science, the mentoring program promotes the individual careers of female doctoral students in particular.

The program is based on the standards of the Forum Mentoring e.V.

Goals of the mentoring program
For the mentees:

  • Receive advice from experienced mentors; the outside view of one's own development
  • Building networks
  • Conveying realistic work prospects and promoting career goals

For Coburg University:

  • Increase the visibility of doctoral students and their research
  • Promote cooperation with regional companies

For the companies:

  • Present yourself as an employer
  • Gaining new impulses and possible project partnerships
  • Keeping skilled professionels in the region

For more details contact the mentoring-manger on the right. You’re welcome!