Any questions? - FAQ

organization questions

How do I add money to my student ID?

Both at Campus Friedrich-Streib and Campus Design there are charging stations ready for you, with which you can add credit to your student ID card easily .

What is a certificate of enrollment and how do I get it?

You need the certificate of enrollment e.g. as proof at the child benefit office or the health insurance company. You can print it out yourself as soon as you have activated your student user account. Log into the PRIMUSS portal with your access data (user name and password). There you will find the certificate of enrollment under the item "Certificates".

Who are my contacts during my studies?

For questions and problems about the organization of the course

There are various service points for students at the Coburg University. Especially at the beginning you need:

Office for Student Affiars: responsible for application, enrollment, student ID, certificates

The International Office helps with all questions and problem during you Semester abroad.

IT service is the point of contact for technical questions (access to the university server, access to the WLAN network, setting up the e-mail account, etc.)

On the Service for Students pages you will find an overview of the complete range of services at the Coburg University.

For academic questions and problems

You can find your course specific contact persons on the course pages of your subject on our student portal my campus. You can also contact the student council for your degree program at any time.

Orientation questions

How do I get to Coburg University?

There are various ways of getting to Coburg University. You can find a detailed description of how to get here on page "Find us".

Where can I park? And where can I get a parking certificate?

Campus Design

There are no parking spaces for students on Campus Design. You can use the public parking garages and the Anger parking lot. But these are chargeable.

Campus Friedrich Streib

On the Friedrich Streib campus there is a parking deck with 530 parking spaces for students and employees. Disabled parking spaces are available for students with a disability. Parents with small children are allowed to park in the special parent-child parking spaces.

Parking certificate

In order to park here, you have to prove that you are a student at the university. There is a parking permit for this, which you always place clearly visible in the windshield of your car. You will find this after your student user account has been activated in the PRIMUSS portal under the item "Certificates".

Parking deck full?

You can see whether there are still spaces in the parking garage on our display boards in Thüringer Straße (at the level of the Sonneberger Straße car park) and at the intersection of Thüringer Straße / Eisenacher Straße. If the parking deck is occupied, please use the alternative parking space on Sonneberger Straße.

We also recommend the following alternatives:

  • semester ticket
    The student ID is also the semester ticket. This allows you to take many public transport possibilities in Coburg for free. The semester ticket is only valid on the agreed routes.
  • Carpooling
    Carpool to get to college.

How do I find my way around the campus?

A campus plan and room plans are available for both the Friedrich-Streib campus and the campus design. You can find it here.

How do I find a specific room?

Campus Friedrich-Streib:

All room numbers on the Friedrich-Streib campus are based on the following principle: building-level-room

Example: Room 11-U01 on the Friedrich-Streib campus is located in building 11, basement (U), room 01.

Some rooms, especially the large lecture halls, have a name in addition to their room number. Room 11-U01 is also known as the Brose auditorium, for example.

A map of the buildings on the Friedrich-Streib campus can be found here.

Campus Design:

All room numbers at Campus Design are based on the following principle: building-level-room. In contrast to the rooms on the Friedrich-Streib campus, the buildings have the additional designation D.

Example: Room D1-009 is located on Campus Design in Building 1, Level 0, Room 09.

Some rooms, especially the large lecture halls, have a name in addition to their room number. Room D1-009 is also called the Audimax at Campus Design.

A site plan and a room plan of the campus design can be found here.

Questions about studying

When does the course start in the winter semester 2020/21?

The winter semester 2020/21 begins on October 1st, 2020. The official start of lectures in the winter semester 2020/21 is on October 5th, 2020. The start of lectures for the Bachelor's degree in Social Work is on October 12th, 2020. For students in the Integrative Health Promotion bachelor's degree program, the official start of lectures this year is November 2nd, 2020.

In addition to the official start of lectures, Coburg University of Applied Sciences organizes various welcome and welcome events in order to guarantee you the best possible support for starting your studies. The individual dates can be found on the respective course pages on our student portal my campus.

Will the courses in the winter semester 2020/21 take place online or in person?

The Coburg University of Applied Sciences will - within the framework of the applicable hygiene regulations - offer as much classroom teaching as possible. The aim is a hybrid form of teaching that includes face-to-face and online courses. Events with a large number of students (e.g. basic lectures) will most likely have to take place online in the 2020/21 winter semester or be completed in small groups.

You can get the latest information about which lectures and seminars are taking place in person or online for your individual degree program via our student portal my campus.

Where can I find my schedule? Do I have to register for courses?

Students in first semester do not have to put their own schedule together. You will receive your schedule at the course-specific introductory event. Here you will get a detailed explanation of the timetable, too.

Can I choose additional courses (e.g. language courses) in addition to my normal courses?

Yes. Our Wissenschafts- und Kulturzentrum (Science and Culture Center) offers a wide range of courses as part of the Studium Generale. You can choose from various foreign languages, courses on work techniques, scientific and social topics, right up to art and culture. In addition, the Department of Healthy University offers a variety of sports courses for students.

You will receive further information on registration and a current program as part of your first semester induction. We can also provide you with the information on our student portal my campus.

Is there any licensed software that I can use during my studies?

Yes, license software is available to all students at the university at low cost or free of charge. These include, for example:

  • Office365
  • Corel
  • Citavi
  • Origin
  • SPSS
  • and much more

Further information and an overview of all programs can be found on the IT-service page under "Software" on our student portal my campus.

I don't have a printer / copier at home. Can I use devices at the university?

Yes. Coburg University has printers and copiers that you can use. You can print, copy and scan from the devices. This also works from your own laptops and can be headed via WLAN.

To register at the printer you only have to use your student ID, as this is a cash card for your necessary printing costs.

You can find more information about printing and controlling printing accounts on the IT service page on our student portal my campus.

How can I borrow books from the library?

To be able to borrow books from the library, you need your student ID. This also acts as your library card.

Information on how to borrow books, the opening times of the library and general library use can be found here and on the library page on our student portal my campus.

Is there something to eat and drink on campus?

There is a canteen on the Friedrich-Streib campus that offers hot meals at lunchtime. There is also a cafeteria that sells snacks, coffee and drinks from morning until late afternoon.

There is also a cafeteria on Campus Design, which offers warm dishes at lunchtime and sells drinks and snacks in the mornings and afternoons.

Current opening times and menus can be found online on the website of the Studentenwerk Oberfranken.

Outside of the opening times, there are vending machines with hot and cold drinks and snacks available on both the Friedrich-Streib campus and the Campus Design.

In the canteen and the cafeteria, you can conveniently pay cashless with your student ID. You can find out how to load money onto your student ID here.

Questions about living in Coburg

Where can I find information about the city of Coburg?

The city has put together a page with relevant information for freshmen. For example, you can find information and tips on registering for an apartment, housing benefit or the regulars' table for new residents.

How can I find an apartment?

Information and support for finding accommodation in Coburg and the surrounding area can be found on our Living in Coburg page.

What leisure activities are there in Coburg?

We have put together a collection of various leisure activities for you on the Leisure in Coburg page.

Are there any student initiatives at Coburg University? How can I take part?

Whether you are interested in politics, have a talent for singing, are socially engaged or are hobbyists and tinkerers - there is definitely room for you in one of our student initiatives. You can find an overview of the university's student initiatives here.