Tea meets bamboo

Tuesday. 05. April 2016 (Press and Communication Office)
The students learned to cut and peel bamboo.
The students learned to cut and peel bamboo.

Sleeping on straw mats and eating thousand year old eggs. Students from the bachelor program Integrated Product Design in Coburg spent some days in Taiwan to participate in a workshop. The students have experienced the chinese culture and have learned a lot about traditional materials and methods.

“Modern products based on tradition techniques and materials” was the name of the workshop, which was organized by the Dayeh University in Taiwan. Design students from Changhua and Coburg researched the ancient culture of Taiwan and created new products from traditional material.

For instance the students have learned to cut and peel the bamboo to make a basket out of it. Furniture, instruments or lamps – you can use bamboo for a lot of different things. Teams with students from both countries worked together to create accessories for a traditional tea ceremony.