Study program for refugees

Wednesday. 13. January 2016 (Press and Communication Office)

This summer semester (15th march) Coburg University starts a study program for refugees. The program is made for refugees and asylum seekers, who already studied in their home countries or who fulfill the requirements for studying at a university.

The program lasts two semesters for every participant. A big part of it will be the language training for German as a foreign language, another one will be the attendance at lectures. The participant choses the topic of the lecture depending on its personal interests.

To take part in this program, it is necessary to have a basic knowledge of the German language. The program is made for refugees who are living in the city and the county of Coburg.

To be a student of Coburg University provides some advantages. You will receive a student card and a semester ticket, which can be used to reach the university by public transport. As a participant of the program you can also benefit from the other student services, visit the library and work on the computers there.

If you’re interested in the program, please feel free to visit the consultation hour of the International Office, where you can get further information and orientation. The International Office will also help to create an individual schedule for everyone, who is going to take part in the program.