Research contract from the International Energy Agency

Monday. 25. January 2016 (Press and Communication Office)

The International Energy Agency advices the governments from OECD-members in energy issues. Therefore the Technology Transfer Center for Automotive Technology (TAC) - an institute of Coburg University - is currently working on an overview of global existing biofuels.

The turnaround in energy policy makes it necessary to optimize the potential of fuel and work on its technical suitability. The study “Advanced Fuels for Advanced Engines” shall provide hints for the future development of fuel systems. The goal is to reduce the CO² emissions.

The International Energy Agency emphasizes the necessity of a common research and development of both engine and fuel. One system is depending on the other. This is one reason why the TAC received the research contract. The interdisciplinary and international focus of this institute makes it very attractive for a cooperation with the International Energy Agency. The project partner Deutsches Biomasse-Forschungszentrum supports the TAC. Dr. Nobert Grope (TAC) is the responsible head of this project.