Looking at social work from an international perspective

Friday. 06. May 2016 (Press and Communication Office)
Students from Coburg and Budapest were exchanging views on social work.
Students from Coburg and Budapest were exchanging views on social work.

Racism and discrimination occur in many different countries. Students from Hungary and Germany discussed how social workers can take action against it. It was part of an international spring school at Coburg University.

Roma people are the biggest ethnical minority in Hungary. They suffer from discrimination and racism. Often children from Roma-families are educated in special schools without any reason. Dávid Balogh, student of the ELTE University Budapest, and his colleagues want to integrate Roma-children into the school system.

He reported about this project at the international spring school of the Department of Social Work and Health. It was organized by Prof. Dr. Claudia Lohrenscheit and Prof. Dr. Andrea Schmelz. Their aim was to exchange views on projects and developments concerning Social Work. Eleven students from Hungary came to Coburg with their professor Ágnes Kövér.

A whole week they spent together and visited different institutions dealing with racism, inclusion, and gender equality or residence status. For instance they visited the Office for Human Rights in Nuremberg and the Iwalewa house in Bayreuth.

ELTE University is a partner university of Coburg. Students from Coburg and Budapest can spent an exchange semester at the respective university.