Landscape architecture from a New Zealand’s perspective

Tuesday. 20. December 2016 (Press and Communication Office)
Carles Martinez-Almoyna Gual

Landscape architecture is about designing free spaces in natural areas, parks and gardens. Carles Martinez-Almoyna Gual visited Coburg University to speak about his projects at the Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand. He hold a lecture and attended workshops with architecture students.

In a lecture he presented a special project of the Victoria University Wellington. The University cooperated with several communities in New Zealand to create a new design concept for their landscape.  
Carles Martinez-Almoyna Gual is originally from Spain. He teaches architecture at the Victoria University of Wellington. He stayed two weeks in Coburg at the Department of Design. Prof. Rainer Hirth invited him to the department. The stay was financed by the Bavarian State Ministry of Education and Culture, Research and Arts.