Interior Architecture for dolls

Friday. 05. May 2017 (Press and Communication Office)
Gruppenbild Puppenmöbelprojekt
The students presented their furniture at Coburg University

Studying Interior Design and Interior Architecture in a different way: Students from Coburg University designed furniture for little dolls. 

A doll must eat, sleep and play. She needs a closet, a chair to sit on and of course a bed. The fantasy of children doesn’t know any limits, when they are playing with dolls.
The students from the academic program Interior Design and Interior Architecture designed furniture with all these functions. Therefor Coburg University cooperated with the company Götz from Rödental. The students used an older model from the company as basis for the design process. The furniture should fit to a doll from 50 cm and for children in the age of 3 to 6 years.  

Every furniture of the students is a combination from table, closet and bed. The concepts of the students vary from a Scandinavian design to a dream castle. Carina Schwarzbach designed a furniture with 2D-pictures for the background. The children can choose, if the doll needs a bathroom at the moment or a table to write on. “I want to motivate the fantasy of children and show them, how much fun it makes to play with dolls” said Schwarzbach. For every furniture the students designed a mood board which shows their ideas, pictures and materials for the project. The design concepts of the students can be seen online at the homepage of the Götz Company.