Implemented strategic cooperation

Friday. 02. February 2018 (Anke Hempfling)
Prof. Dr. Christiane Fritze and Prof. Dr. Simun Andjelinovic, president of the University Split, together with cooperation partners.

The establishment of a cross-faculty cooperation between the universities of Coburg and Split was agreed in early 2017. Now, this partnership is showing first results. A high-ranking delegation from Coburg visited Split to meet their counterparts again.  

With this cooperation focused on teaching and research, both universities would like to offer an even broader range of courses to their students. The regular exchange of students, lecturers and scientists was said to be an important component. 16 students from Coburg and four professors participated in a joint summer school already last year. In this year’s summer a design student and two students of bio analytics will spend a whole semester in Split. There will be guest lectures: Prof. Dr. Matthias Noll and Prof. Dr. Stefan Kalkhof from bio analytics, Prof. Mario Tvrtkovic and Prof. Mark Phillips from the Faculty of Design and Prof. Dr. Michael Wick from the Faculty of Applied Sciences will teach in block events in Croatia.

“Both universities are on their way to a stronger internationalization”, says Prof. Dr. Christiane Fritze, president of Coburg University. After an eight-member Croatian delegation came to Coburg last year, she now visited her colleagues to consolidate and expand the inter-faculty cooperation. Next September, a summer school will take place in Split again. The offer for the 20 participating students includes various courses in the fields of design, bio analytics and physics. “Our next step is to integrate the one-semester student exchange as an optional part of the master’s program in bio analytics”, says Prof. Dr. Stefan Kalkhof, Head of the master program bio analytics and organizer of the cooperation.

Prof. Dr. Fritze and Prof. Dr. Kalkhof were accompanied by Prof. Dr. Wolfram Haupt, Dean of the Faculty of Applied Sciences, Prof. Friedemann Zeitler, Dean of the Faculty of Design, Prof. Mario Tvrtkovic, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Design, Prof. Dr. Bernd Hüttl, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and Prof. Dr. Hartmut Gnuschke, International Representative of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Automotive Engineering.