Guest Lectures in Integrative Health Promotion

Tuesday. 20. December 2016 (Press and Communication Office)
Prof. Jameson K. Hirsch
Prof. James Giordano

Two professors from the USA visited Coburg University to speak about their field of research. An important topic was especially the Positive Psychology. Prof. Jameson K. Hirsch from Tennessee and Prof. James Giordano from Washington presented their research results.

Jameson K. Hirsch is an expert for clinical psychology. He focuses in his research on the connection between optimism and suicide. An important part of his work is the Positive Psychology, which discusses the question, how a happy life becomes possible. Jameson K. Hirsch speaks in his lectures especially about the rural psychology. The rural psychology analyses the psychology of people living in the landscape. In rural areas, people are often fighting with a bad healthcare situation. This has also an impact on the psychological health of the people. Hirsch is a member of the East Tennessee State University. He works in the Laboratory of Resilience in Psychological and Physical Health.
Prof. James Giordano teaches everyday ethics in a special course for students from Integrative Health Promotion at Coburg University. Topics of the seminar are: Morality, Theological Ethics and Ethics of Communities.
The two professors have a long relationship to Coburg University. Prof. Niko Kohls invited them again for an international exchange of knowledge. The exchange is financed by the Bavarian State Ministry of Education and Culture, Research and Arts.