Curious about the Netherlands

Tuesday. 28. November 2017 (Dr. Margareta Bögelein)
Die Coburger Delegation bei den Open Days der University of Twente
The students from Coburg were curious about the possibilities for a year abroad at the University of Twente.
Prof. Dr. Herbert Wormeester spricht vor Studierenden über den Bachelor-Studiengang Advanced Technolgy
Prof. Dr. Herbert Wormeester informed the German guests about the bachelor program Advanced Technology.
Das Namensschild der University of Twente im Grünen
The University of Twente counts 10 000 students and covers 146 hectares.

The bachelor program Engineering Physics at the University of Applied Sciences Coburg has a new partner university in the Netherlands: the University of Twente in Enschede. Recently, fourteen students from Coburg had the possibility to go there and get an idea of what it is like to study at the best technical university of the Netherlands.

The new Engineering Physics degree program is internationally oriented. After the first two semesters in Coburg, students move to a partner university abroad and stay there for one year. In addition to Shanghai and the Canadian city of Winnipeg, they also have access to the bachelor program Advanced Technology – which is held in English – at the University of Twente. During their stay in Enschede, the German students were able to inform themselves about the course content and the organization of the study.

Their Dutch fellow students made it very clear what to expect in the year abroad: an intensive study with four modules each lasting over ten weeks and a close interconnection of theory and practice.

The exams are not written at the end of the semester but tests and project work in changing teams extend over the whole year. “In this way we want to enable students to learn how to directly apply the knowledge transferred, to work together in project groups and to be well prepared for a master’s program”, explained Prof. Dr. Herbert Wormeester, Program Director of Advanced Technology.