Cultural diversity

Monday. 15. February 2016 (Press and Communication Office)
Where a you from? - From Coburg! But, where a you really from? - From Coburg!
Germany has been my home for years. Today I want to help refugees. They should feel at home here too!
I am ambitious...a student...humorous...a sister...a dancer...concious about fashion...loud..a! Who are you?
Hobby: Go to the cinema; Favorite food: lasagne; Sports: dancing; Origin: Doesn't matter at all!

Integration is an important and ongoing issue, especially at the moment. This is the motivation for a poster campaign, organized by students of Coburg University. They want to achieve, that cultural diversity is considered a part of Germany and an enrichment for society.

You can discover the posters in the city of Coburg and in busses of the companies Franken OVF and SÜC Coburg. The posters show different pictures and thoughts about integration and society. The students are studying Social Work and International Social Work at Coburg University. The campaign is part of an interdisciplinary project. It gets financial support from the project “Demokratie leben!” of the city and county Coburg.