A strong interdisciplinary partnership

Tuesday. 30. May 2017 (Press and Communication Office)
Prof. Simun Andjelinovic and Prof. Alen Soldo (left) with professors and deans from the University of Split.
Prof. Simun Andjelinovic, Prof. Christiane Fritze, Prof. Jutta Michel, mayor Norbert Tessmer, Prof. Stefan Kalkhof and Prof. Alen Soldo. Picture: City of Coburg
President Prof. Simun Andjelinovic and President Prof. Christiane Fritze (in the front) with the guests and the hosts.

The Universities of Split and Coburg are intensifying their interdisciplinary collaboration. This decision was made during a stay of a high-ranked Croatian delegation at Coburg University.  

Prof. Dr. Simun Andjelinovic, President of the University of Split, visited the Coburg University together with a delegation of seven colleagues including Prof. Dr. Alen Soldo, Vice President of research and international cooperation at the University of Split, and deans and representatives of five different faculties. During this stay also the mayor of Coburg Norbert Tessmer welcomed the guests in Coburg and acknowledged the activities to strengthen this international cooperation.

Currently, a cooperation between the two universities already exists in the field of Bioanalysis. Together with the president Prof. Dr. Christiane Fritze and Vice President Prof. Dr. Jutta Michel, representatives of all faculties from Coburg University discussed joint interests in teaching and research with their guests. The two universities discovered overlapping interests especially in the fields of Bioanalysis, Technical Physics, Architecture, Interior Design and Interior Architecture, Mechanical Engineering, Automotive Technology, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Integrative Health Promotion and Business Administration.

In future Croatian and German students, professors and employees will work together on international projects and intensify their exchange. Already this year there will be an academic exchange as well as a joint summer school, which will take place in Split in September. In future a planned double degree program could offer students the opportunity to receive a degree from both Coburg University and the University of Split.

With a size of more than 25,000 students and supported by high investments in new buildings and equipment during the last years the university is a highly attractive cooperation partner. Prof. Dr. Stefan Kalkhof, head of the master program Bioanalysis, organized the visit at Coburg University. He is happy about the results of the meeting: “It strengthens the internationality of Coburg University and creates new possibilities to work together.”