A new semester starting with new faces

Friday. 17. March 2017 (Press and Communication Office)
Die Studierenden werden in der Aula begrüßt.
Prof. Eckardt Buchholz-Schuster speaks to the new students.
Die Studierenden sitzen in der Aula.
These students are starting a master program at Coburg University.

The summer semester started at Coburg University. 206 young people began a master program. Coburg University says: Welcome!  

They already got their bachelor degree. Now they want another qualification: the master degree. Prof. Eckardt Buchholz-Schuster welcomed the students at Coburg University and motivated them to study with passion and concentration. He advised the students to think about the possibility to make a PhD afterwards.
A lot of new faces were among the students. Katja Kessel from the General Student Advisement Office presented them the most important information about studying at Coburg University. After that the students started in their first day at the University.