A German-Chinese design concept

Monday. 16. January 2017 (Press and Communication Office)
The stand on the fair in Cologne
The shadows are playing with darkness and light

Students from Coburg University are visiting the International Interior fair in Cologne from 16th till 22th January. The students from the academic program Interior Design and Interior Architecture designed an own stand in cooperation with the Shanghai Art & Design Academy and the Designforum Oberfranken.

The stand is made from wood and paper. You enter the stand through a traditional Chinese entry. Inside students from Shanghai present their self-made furniture. The stand includes old Asian traditions of paper art, play of shadows and calligraphy. The shadows are changing the whole time. The visitors can create own ideas inside of the stand and change the shadow play. The stand shows the connection between the European and Asian culture.
Eight student, who studied in the seventh semester Interior Design and Interior Architecture, designed the fair stand: Annette Strack, Theresa Simon, Alena Dziedzitz, Anna Lutzenberger, Luisa Nawrath, Lisa-Maria Kraus, Yutong Kang and Lena Munzert. Prof. Mark Phillips was the supervisor of the project.