Min Chen

"The study in Coburg gave me a further knowledge extension in Finance area, which is very practical and useful in the later working environment. The study offered the opportunity of internship which opened the door for me to work in a reputable German Company. The colleagues and professors I met in our program were also very nice and warm-hearted. In addition I was very impressed by the strong and organized administrative support we received as a student. Last but not least, the strong support of German language program was very intensive for us to integrate into the German life."

Min Chen, Senior Manager Treasury, German Automotive Company (Graduate, Class of 2006)

Ivan Bokic

"For an individual seeking a career in the finance industry, I would highly recommend the MBA program Financial Management, because of the modules offered and its practical focus. Good academic performance from the MBA Program allowed me to find a job upon finishing my studies and start a career in finance."

Ivan Bokic, Senior Consultant for DACH region, FactSet GmbH (Graduate, Class of 2015) 

Grace Dong

"Studying the MBA Financial Management in Coburg provided me with international knowledge and experiences, also let me get to know people not only from Germany but also all over the world."

Grace Dong, Tax Manager, Eberspaecher Exhaust Technology Shanghai (Graduate, Class of 2005)

Narayan Bhusal

"The MBA Financial Management at Coburg University helped me to shape my career in finance. Courses like the Certified Treasury Professional (CTP) Preparation adds value to the degree by creating different landscapes of opportunities for highly motivated young students. Diversity of the program is something which makes it really special and the support from the administration was simply amazing." 

Narayan Bhusal, Treasury Manager, Hillenbrand Inc. (USA) (Graduate, Class of 2017)

Sun Bingqing

"The two year study was extremely helpful for my carrier growth. What I studied in the program applied in my daily work in the past 13 years. As well as the social and diversity of the program help me to be more adaptable in my life. It was a great two-year experience providing a life long benefit."

Sun Bingqing, Greater China Commercial Contract Director at Kantar, WPP (Graduate, Class of 2006)

Anastasia Dalatsi

"The MBA provided us with a wide range of skills, teaching us not just theory but strategic and management skills."

Anastasia Dalatsi, Financial Statement Assurance Services, Ernst & Young (Graduate, Class of 2015)

Miryusup Abdullaev

"The applied or practical nature of the program was key in my personal development. It spanned from University professors with rich practical background, guest lecturers who were senior-level experts or managers in the industry or the trips to different firms."

Miryusup Abdullaev, Head of Operations, Deutsche Börse Cash Markets (Graduate, Class of 2013)

Saud Bin Naumann

"The program gave me the perfect head start I needed to start my career - it took me out of my comfort zone and brought out a version of me I never knew existed."

Saud Bin Naumann, Expert Finance, Allianz S.E. (Graduate, Class of 2018)

Anna-Lena Stöpler

"The MBA program in Financial Management gave me a comprehensive insight in the finance world and helped me finding my place there." 

Anna-Lena Stöpler, Project Manager, Siemens (Graduate, Class of 2016)

Catalin Petcu

"Guest lectures from experts in the field, proximity of international world leading German companies and inclusion of a practical semester ensure an up-to-date relevant curriculum. Financial Management remains a very dynamic field, which requires continuous and practical education."

Catalin Petcu, Director Corporate Banking, Bank (Graduate, Class of 2005)

Dr. Muhammad Ashfaq

"The MBA FM program prepared me for Finance and Academic career. I really enjoyed diversity in the campus and teaching quality is excellent."

Dr. Muhammad Ashfaq, Academic Researcher, Rhine-Waal University (Graduate, Class of 2011)