Social Work and Health - Bachelor

Integrative Health Promotion B.Sc.

This program, which is unique in Germany, prepares students for a variety of professional fields in health care. Basically, it's about how you move people to behave in a health conscious way. The program is based on the latest scientific findings and established practical elements of health promotion. Students learn methods of applied health promotion in the areas of health services, employment and training centers as well as leisure and tourism. These include nutrition, exercise, relaxation, and behavior and lifestyle modification.

Further information in German: Integrative Health Promotion B.Sc.

International Social Work and Development B.A.

Students discussing aspects of social work in germany and all over the world.

Please note: It is no longer possible to apply for the bachelor programme International Social Work and Development. The programme will be integrated in the bachelor programme Social Work.

International Social Work and Development is focusing on political, economic and social inter-relations as well as their meaning for Social Work at international, European, regional and local levels. This includes social procedures of diversification and pluralization in a globalized world. Thereby the growing mobility as well as worldwide refugee and migration movements are taken into account as the influence and rapidly change structures and regulations within societies. International Social Work and Development deals with individual-based and group-based discrimination, exclusion as well as inclusion processes using human rights based perspectives. The protection of human rights serves as the central basis for a reflection of social workers’ actions at European and international levels. Besides, theoretical approaches, approaches of development aid and “Social Work of the South” will be part of the study program.

In the course of their studies, German students spend one year abroad: their practical semester (internship, 4th semester) in a foreign country in Europe or internationally, and one theory semester (7th semester) at one of our partner universities worldwide.

Partner universities

Exchange Students

Exchange student you can attend the following courses, offered in English:
Overview and Module Descriptions

Further information in German: International Social Work and Development B.A.

Social Work B.A.

In addition to scientifically well-founded theoretical knowledge, social workers especially need personal competence. The program of Social Work at Coburg University provides this knowledge and encourages active participation, the ability to work in a team, and social skills. Seminars, project workshops, guidance and discussion groups as well as advanced courses hone the future social workers’ competencies in networking in the field.

Students can prepare for their future fields of activity in social work through choosing one of four advanced modules. Possible areas of specialization are: further education, clinical social work, public relations, social planning, intercultural social work, case management, health promotion, children and youth, families, seniors, addiction, deviant and mentally ill persons.

Further information in German: Social Work B.A.

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