Business Administration - Master

Business Administration M.A.

The master's program in Business Administration at Coburg University is deliberately designed to be broad. This is because in industry, management experts are needed to evaluate the operational issues comprehensively and to develop holistic solutions. By choosing specific subject combinations, students also deepen their knowledge in certain areas. The professors of the Department of Business Administration guide the students through their studies and provide them with a variety of practical and scientific methods on which they can draw in their career.

The master's program combines theory and practice. Approximately one third of the program consists of projects in which students examine current issues that concern business and economic research at present. Professors provide input – both in technical terms and in terms of the methods to be used. Students apply this knowledge independently to develop their own solutions. This allows them to develop the ideal conditions for a successful career start.

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Business Administration (part-time) M.A.

This part-time master's program in business administration allows professionals to complete the internationally-recognized degree "Master of Business Administration MBA" while working. The program is aimed at individuals who want to acquire in-depth and broad business knowledge in order to professionally develop and assume leadership responsibilities. Skills acquired on-the-job can be credited as requirements of the program. The program is organized to coordinate with the time commitments of working students.

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Insurance Management MBA

The master's program Insurance Management is a postgraduate course which is studied part-time by professionals working in the field. Due to their previous education and professional experience, the students of this master's program have professional expertise in various fields. Therefore, the primary objective is to provide broad-based knowledge which covers relevant industry-specific concerns and explores current developments and their results specifically for the insurance industry.

Through a multidisciplinary curriculum, students are encouraged to use “networked thinking”. In discussions on current issues and with the practical design of the courses, students apply their expertise in a search for solutions and they utilize the analytical skills they have acquired in a targeted manner. They also consider specific issues relevant to the insurance industry in case studies. The course offerings are complemented by general business and economic subjects and specific management skills.

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