International Social Work and Development

About International Social Work and Development

International Social Work and Development takes political, economic and social inter-relations into account, in order to study their meaning for Social Work at (inter)national, regional and local levels. The study program enables students to acquire key competencies in the fields of transnational and intercultural Social Work. It offers valuable insights into complex, mutually depending circumstances of social development, generating evidence-based analytical skills, communication skills and decision-making competences. Focus topics of the study program include: worldwide refugee and migration movements, anti-discrimination practices, exclusion and inclusion processes. Thereby, the protection of human rights serves as the central basis for the reflection of social workers’ actions.

For studying the complete program profound knowledge of the German language is required but a variety of courses and projects, both in winter- and summer semester will be offered in English as well (see the full list below).

Further information in German: International Social Work and Development B.A.

Courses offered in English

Winter Semester

  • European Social Work
    7 ECTS
    Module 5.3

  • Social Work in the Migration Society
    7 ECTS
    Module 5.4
  • Interdisciplinary Project II
    6 ECTS
    Module 3.5

  • General and Subject-Related Elective
    6 ECTS
    Module 5.5

  • Foreign Language
    5 ECTS
    Module 3.6

Summer Semester

  • International Social Work and Development
    7 ECTS
    Module 6.4

  • Intercultural and Anti-Racist Social Work
    7 ECTS
    Module 6.5

  • International Theories of Social Work
    8 ECTS
    Module 5.5

  • International Case Study Seminar
    5 ECTS
    Module 8.2

  • Interdisciplinary Project I
    6 ECTS
    Module 2.5

  • Bachelor's Thesis
    10 ECTS
    Module 8.3

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Module Descriptions for International Social Work and Development*

*only for courses offered in English