Social Work and Health - Master

Clinical Social Work M.A.

The part-time master’s program in Clinical Social Work is particularly suitable for professionals who are active in psycho-social counseling or treatment and want to specialize in the treatment of marginalized people who are hard to reach due to ever increasing isolation and exclusion. Students professionalize their competency in counseling and treatment. They acquire a theoretically sound and practical-oriented qualification in counseling, psycho-social intervention and socio-therapy.

The master’s program in Clinical Social Work is a cooperation between Coburg University and Alice Salomon Hochschule Berlin. During their studies students put the knowledge they obtain in theoretical courses at both universities to use by analyzing and solving clinical tasks. These activities, in turn, incorporate supervision which is integrated into the curriculum. The organization of the program is geared to the needs of working professionals.

Further information in German: Clinical Social Work M.A.

Health Promotion M.Sc.

Students discussing facts about health

The master’s program in Health Promotion at Coburg University was developed based on the World Health Organization’s resource-based approach "International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF)". The structure of the program is based on the Dublin descriptors for master's degrees and the Public Health Action Cycle (PHAC). The program is empirically based, and students are involved in the current research projects of their professors. In cooperation with external partners, students design, implement, and evaluate health promotion projects.

The special feature of the master’s program in Health Promotion lies in the combination of scientific research and practical application. It is designed so that the students implement their conceptual and methodological knowledge directly in multidisciplinary, regional, national and international projects. And this allows students to build valuable contacts with companies, organizations and research institutes while completing the program.

Further information in German: Health Promotion M.Sc.

Social Work M.A.

The aim of this master’s program is the expansion and specialization of the knowledge and skills acquired in previous qualifications. Students acquire skills that enable them to creatively develop, direct, consult, and carry out research at the interfaces between social work in particular fields and the lives of the people in modern society. The program also provides an in-depth theoretical foundation, as well as evaluation and methodological skills. Students can specialize in one of the following areas of specialization: Social Management/Institutional Social Work, Clinical Social Work and Social Work in Corporations.

The master’s program in Social Work at Coburg University combines theory and practical experience. Students can work on interesting social questions in collaboration with national and international universities. They explore theories, methods and strategies of social work and develop solutions for people in different life situations. This program also provides students opportunities to develop personally. These include self-reflection, time and labor management, as well as personal communication and conflict resolution skills.

Further information in German: Social Work M.A.

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