Tafel mit Skizzen eines Projekts, das im Team gelöst wurde.


ZukunftsDesign M.A.

Further information: FutureDesign M.A.

The part-time master's program brings together students from different fields to work together on practical projects. They benefit from each other’s expertise and are deliberately confronted with contradictions and opposing positions. Coaches support the student teams. Professors from various disciplines provide input to suit the situations and the students’ needs in bringing their team and their project forward. The master’s program is supported by a wide network of corporate leaders, whose aim is to establish Upper Franconia as a strong innovative region.
The master’s program is geared to graduates with a first degree from a variety of disciplines. Professional experience is desirable but not required. It is not the student’s previous field of study that is critical to success, but the student’s motivation and willingness to innovate and to develop new business models.