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Independent Anti-discrimination Officer

Independent Anti-discrimination Officer (in accordance with article 25BAYHIG)

The Coburg University of Applied Sciences places great importance on fair and respectful interaction with one another. All members of the university – students and employees alike – are called upon to work together respectfully at all levels and to cultivate a culture of respect. The Coburg University of Applied Sciences does not tolerate violence, harassment and direct or indirect discrimination on racial grounds or on the basis of ethnic origin, gender, religion or worldview, disability, age or sexual identity. For this reason, the university established the position of anti-discrimination officer.

The tasks are as follows:

  • Confidential initial and referral counselling in all cases of discrimination,
  • Counselling, acceptance, investigation of facts and coordination in formal complaints procedures in accordance with the General Equal Treatment Act (AGG)
  • Development of preventive and curative measures to raise awareness and avoid discrimination of all kinds
  • Preparation of an anti-discrimination guideline. This sets out recommendations and options for action in the event of behaviour that violates boundaries. Among other things, the anti-discrimination guideline names contact points for those affected and those seeking help and regulates the handling of complaints.

The anti-discrimination officer is also the contact person for students if they are confronted with anti-Semitism.