Department of Applied Sciences


The Department of Applied Sciences covers the entire spectrum of natural science. Physicists, biologists, chemists, mechanical engineers and mathematicians teach and research here. The department has modern laboratories where students work together with instructors to complete experiments and to conduct research on current application-oriented questions.

International Bachelor's Degree Program

Engineering Physics

Programs in German

Bachelor's Programs

Master's Programs


The Department of Applied Sciences is on the main campus at Friedrich-Streib-Street. Lecture halls, seminar rooms, laboratories and offices are here.

Department Management

T. +49 (0)9561 317-252
F. +49 (0)9561 317-311
Room 2-213b
Vice Dean
T. +49 (0)9561 317-645
F. +49 (0)9561 317-346
Room 2-215

Academic Staff

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